Request api with post method

Hello to all professional programmers.
I want to receive SMS using web text post
But it does not work. Please tell me where I went wrong
These are my main codes that should be included
2021-12-26 (2)
These are also my blocks

Please tell me where the problem is

(post deleted )

I do not understand

Why double post?

After the code:12345 there is missing of ,(comma)
Without it your post will not consider as proper JSON format, I hope…

Hi, you can try
cURL To Blocks by Getaix if you have curl for that request

I removed the comma but it still does not work. Should extra spaces be removed?

This is amazing but I do not have a curl I just have the same code

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Please provide a link to your restfulsms api documentation

Thanks, the problem was solved. The token must first be generated and then the request sent :partying_face:

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