[REQUEST] Barcode Scanner Horizontal/Vertical

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a solution for my app. I need a barcode scanner that works well both horizontally and vertically. I know you can achieve this with the [use external scanner] block and a scanner app but I want to do it all inside the app, so people don’t need two apps. It would also be good if it could work not only in full screen.

Is this something that can be done?

Let me know!

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For QR codes, the current one will work both in Landscape and Portrait orientations.

1D barcodes are another story…

I’ve tried to make an extension that would allow for portrait scanning of 1D barcodes multiple times and failed.

Hi Ken thanks for the info.

I’m looking for something for standard barcodes on products. I can get it working horizontally (by default) and vertically (using the external scanner setting with a different app) but I really want either a scanner with automatic screen rotation, a scanner that just checks in both directions or to be able to toggle between horizontal/vertical. It’s one of the biggest complaints about my app currently, as you have to turn the phone to scan anything.

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Maybe this extension will help you:


have you seen BarcodeScanner component in app-inventor sources it uses zxing barcode scanner library, it says some where in that component source code something about lanscape/portrait scanning methods.

PS: it will be great if you can an extension out of this library or similar :slight_smile:

what about using the built in scanner?
just set the property Set External Scanner to false


This won’t allow you to scan a 1d barcode in portrait position.

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I’ve tried several times and failed.

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ok, I see…
so it seems to be currently we do not have a solution for this…
see also this thread from 2018


Can anyone check it?

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