[Request] Dialogue Flow Integration

Hello, I’m loving the new Kodular redesign!

I have a feature request, I’d like to integrate Dialogue Flow in my apps made with Kodular

I ask of this because I am switching from another platform to Kodular and I’d like to port my app across

(Not tryina advertise!!!) Here’s an example of Dialogue flow being integrated into an app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lucabashford.dumbo

My old IDE used the user’s Dialogue Flow’s Client Access Token to connect them both together so maybe you guys can figure something out with that.


Can you please help me in making such assistant app, how to use dialogflow in kodular, with extension or other trick? Please provide me an aia file of the project

Tanmay Kulkarni 15 LLC

You guys are nice, you want a app with dialogflow and other people should create it and send you the aia , really nice , i believe you will not get any file.