Request for tutorial

Hello all
I want to request a full tutorial about extension development and please don’t share documentation I already read that I am requesting for a full tutorial like about designer property simple property, function, method, event listener etc. And it is good if tutorial in hindi and a video tutorial please make this tutorial this is request is to all extension developer

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I think no one had created full tutorial yet so its hard to find, maybe for someone take a day to creat tutorial, and i have a seen a quick video on YouTube by Deep host channel,

Watch this Video. @parmarparth996


I have also learned to make extensions from that video.
But most important thing is learn Java.
And to learn to make events,functions and void functions/methods read this guide:

@Alapjeet Bro I already watched that but I want more deep into

Bro I have some basic knowledge of Java but I don’t know how to use it with designer property simple property etc.

Then watch video as suggested by @Alapjeet

I watched that but I want some more knowledge

You can Google “Java annotations” for more information on the @Simple… and @Designer… annnotations

Unable to find this annotations

Which annotations are you looking for?

@Simple and @Designer