Request for zoom sdk

Zoom library enables video conferencing to be integrated in apps. Zoom has decent amount of free usage also. Kindly include zoom sdk

You can use the zoom api.

Do make it absolutely clear that your app uses the Zoom API, though. I can’t risk installing Zoom on any of my devices, given its terrible security. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Zoom API + Web/WebView component should get you started. Maybe Vishwas’ posts about making a web-based video conferencing app will help you.


Thank You. Let me check that. My school application clients are requesting online class facility due to the prevailing situation of lockdown. I am afraid that the webviwer is not a full browser and missing many features. eg directly uploading image from camera in input type=file html elements.

Probably you are not aware of latest update of Custom WebView.

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