Request to all koders 🙏

Hello Everyone. Good Evening. In this Post. I wanna request you that please not create same post ( post same question) again & again. Our kodular community provided us a search a search feature. Use this before posting any Topic. Posting same question again & again really irritating & because of this those who really need help never get answers on time…

Our Kodular staff giving their best. They always work hard & if really any problem is their our CEO @Diego always gives update related to that bug or error. Our moderator & Prokoders always inform the team on time if really bug is there. So please give respect to Kodular Staff…

Thank You everyone. Hope you all accept my request & will work according to that…:pray::pray::pray::pray:

Sorry @Kodular I am really fell irritating that’s why i created this topic…

Keep Calm & Happy Koding.


Users who double post will receive a two day suspension from the community. This way we hope that users will think twice before asking the same question again. We do our best to keep the community clean and we expect our users to do the same.


I am totally agree with you…

I request @Kodular to pin this topic which ensures most of the users read this.


Thank you sir…

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Several topics pertaining to Community etiquette have already been pinned, and users are required to accept the ToS before joining.
I don’t think one more pinned topic will help. Only stringent suspensions will.



Some of them are saying that “I didn’t know that about duplicate topics” etc. And the thing is, anyone who uses the community is supposed to have accepted ToS (includes people who just scrolled down the page and accepted without reading the text.)

So users are already know that they should not create duplicate topics even they don’t know the ToS. Because they are accepted it, right? This means, this is a fair action to do (as always):


Yes @yusufcihan you are totally right & also @Peter & other staff members already warned us many times that creating duplicate topic may result in account suspension or other actions taken against them…

Well, many ToSes are pretty long (and made harder to understand) so there are some who don’t read them.