Requesting Approval for Ads

Do you have any website, or YouTube where we can learn from you about kudolar block

Yes…I have a website…but I have not posted a blog for one month

Hey @Mika i have to ask something that, suppose if i have my app on play store and i want to publish it to another stores like amazon, getjar etc. Then should i need to request ad aproval or it will aproved automatically like play store.

For Play Store you dont need approved ads.
For other stores you need it


Hi, after go playstore, its automatic approved? thanks before

All information about this here


really thanks you for reply :slight_smile:

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Thanks you kodular, my first app from kodular has been approved
Thanks for anyone to help me, my ads has been show now :slight_smile:

Hi @Kakashi ,
I think you are not allowed to publish this kind of app on play store, because your app contains copyright stuff.

I advise you to remove your app from play store or Google play will sospends your app soon.

hi, thanks for your reply,
thanks for remain me friend…
its for remix song its ok or still copyright?

I get an error message when I click on this link, the error message is- ‘‘Connection Error: SQLSTATE[08004] [1040] Too many connections’’.

What’s the problem? I am clearing all browsing data and cookies but the problem is the same.

Request Approval option is not available in my project.

How to solve it?

hi, what if i request for monetization but kodular disapprove it. and after a week i want to publish it on google play store. will it show ads?

Hi welcome to the community.
If you publish your app to play store, then it is not required to by approved by kodular.
Apply for ads approval if your app will be not going to be published in play store

I created an app but now it is blocked to serve ad by kodular. If i publish this app will it serve ads on google play?

Yes. But note that if we blocked your app, then there’s something in it that violates our (and possibly Google’s) guidelines. You could get both your Kodular and Google Play Developer accounts suspended.


I have the same problem, I don’t have ‘‘Under Monetization, click on Request Approval button.’’

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Show us a screenshot.

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This is a web viewer with 3 ad components. Even if you apply for monetization it will not be approved.