Requesting Approval for Ads

Have you seen the dialog in your app?
Click on ok.

Go to here and request Approval

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The most important thing…provide correct details so your app will be approved.
Or your app will be blocked or something else.

No copy paste, use good english and provide complete details of your app

My app is alredy on play store ,. but now i wanted insert adds ,
I generated qr code for app to test
and when i enter

“Your app has not been approved to serve ads,…”

SO i going to request approval and it says
“An app which is on Google Play Store does not need to be approved by us!”

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Correct! If you download your app from play store then you will not see any dialog in the app!

But Iam sure that you and other people forget that you dont download from playstore for testing!
Because you download for testing from our creator!

You want to test your app if the dialog is not visible?
Deinstall your app on your phone and download it from playstore!

And one more thing:

An app which is on Google Play Store does not need to be approved by us!

If you download the app from playstore then you dont need to have a approved app to get ads!


Thank you very much Mika

Sory didnt know that , this happend first time to me

:slight_smile: Thanks again


Please how do I test Ads during development. I checked the test mode in the Banner Ads properties but I still get error that “My app is not approved to serve Ads”… Am planning to publish on playstore, yes! But right now I just want to test the Ads placement. Please help

my app was been approved for monitization and i was forget that i was set any ads to serve but when i see my requet has been success full i see in my app there are no ads blocks and any settings that shows ads actually then i have place admob ads in my app and test live it was working but when i built it and install in my mobile then it shows your app has not approved for monitization please go to your kodular account to request its approval. bbut the problem is now, my app has been approved for monitization and my account also shows that your app is ready to serve ads.what can i do now


Do you have any website, or YouTube where we can learn from you about kudolar block

Yes…I have a website…but I have not posted a blog for one month

Hey @Mika i have to ask something that, suppose if i have my app on play store and i want to publish it to another stores like amazon, getjar etc. Then should i need to request ad aproval or it will aproved automatically like play store.

For Play Store you dont need approved ads.
For other stores you need it


Hi, after go playstore, its automatic approved? thanks before

All information about this here


really thanks you for reply :slight_smile:

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Thanks you kodular, my first app from kodular has been approved
Thanks for anyone to help me, my ads has been show now :slight_smile:

Hi @Kakashi ,
I think you are not allowed to publish this kind of app on play store, because your app contains copyright stuff.

I advise you to remove your app from play store or Google play will sospends your app soon.

hi, thanks for your reply,
thanks for remain me friend…
its for remix song its ok or still copyright?