Requesting change of subscription Premium system to one time payment

Dear Kodular team

I am software developer myself. And I honor your work. But you are the reason why I hate online solutions. Companies can do whatever they want with client that way, whenever they want to change anything.
I realized a no budget demo with Arduino and Bluetooth in your Kodular system, presented on clients, explained how great Kodular is also if users want to update the app themself, …

Now Bluetooth is working EXCEPT the Arduino BLE option. All the project is now trashed. All my time. Several month of coding and solving hardware issues with app communication and design. The concept is impossible to go to a yearly subscription for every interested client who wants to change some settings. Nothing in store, just used as local APK. Not earning money.

In that case its a no go to intermediate change the concept of Kodular and I kindly ask you to get one time payment instead of subscription, because it can be that I 11 month dont do anything on Kodular itself.


As long as you will stay on premium need, I need to went back to App-Inventor as solution.

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You might want to elaborate more to get help