Requesting GPS Access Permissions

When we open Google Maps app for the first time it show a permission like this

And then when ever we open the app gps turns on automatically

Is there any way to implement it in Kodular

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Have you ever tried our google maps component?
If you turn on location then you will see this dialog…

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I want to get the lat long of the user. But it needs gps in location sensor can it automatically turn on the gps

No, you can not turn on GPS automatically / programmatically, it’s a (very sensitive) dangerous permission, Google does not allow that.

… but but you can prompt a dialog which turns on the GPS, as Mika said

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but when i open google maps app gps turn on automatically

because google map is service of google itself and also at the very begning of installing google maps they also ask for permisson.

No, I am asked every time, if I want to enable GPS (on each of my 14 test devices).

How Can i Ask for user’s gps permmision?

how can i ask for enable gps

try this it should work

I Don’t Understand this

You can do it this way. Maybe you can make the UX better if you only execute AskForPermission once when you need it.

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I also wanted to do this, but the kodular doesn’t allow it, can you do it? other apps that use google maps do, not only google maps

see the Get Available SSIDs example about how to prompt the user to enable GPS


This dosent work

The Permission is gained but
GPS dosent start

Bruh you’re replying to a 1 year old post. Didnt Kodular implement this when they implemented android 6+ permissions?

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Thanks for your reply
I tried my best, but won’t able implement it

can you explain me in shot
How to ask users to start there GPS Location Manually

My app works with food delivery service thus I need GPS Location of the user so we can deliver their food on the exact place.

this already was answered previously

see the Get Available SSIDs example about how to prompt the user to enable GPS
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