Requests for Kodular 1.4.1

  1. Change the background of cubes according to the theme

  2. Option to convert card viwe and card viwe Dynamic Into horizontal and vertical

  3. Possibility to add dynamic elements within the dynamic card

  4. Redesign the kodular home page

I know I weighed on you but I wish you success and excellence

you can specify something you didn’t like

probably you are talking about Bliss theme, wait for some time, it is in the todo list

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I would like to be closer to the wonderful design of the page creator

creator home page is already awesome!

I did not say it was bad but it was not similar in any way to the page creator
If this is annoying, i will delete it:sweat_smile:

I still don’t get which 2 pages you are comparing:sweat_smile:

I think @salem_m_s2021 wants us to work on and make it similar to


i too thought but he mentioned creator home page anyways my bad:sweat_smile:
Is it possible to change the home page because it is the theme, changing it would make it different from rest or maybe a new theme?

I think so :thinking: Since Kodular Creator is presenting more white, more clear and more material, home page is looking old when compared to the Creator. :sweat_smile:

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The first thing the new user sees is the home page

Will give a good impression

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This is also important

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