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i hsa a checkbax app. it works nice. ty. ir will put checkmarc. you cant change it to uncheked. if you pres reset. then you can unchek only. it is how i wants exactly. butiful.

now regarrdin reset buton. plese i want to give 10 paswords for reset. it is stored. first time a, then b, then c etc. each is used once only. is it toooo complesc? i does not want reeset to just likke that do it easly. . any other method you sugest and give bloc plese. ty so mach.

First Read this

I really can’t read nor understand what your query is.

W- why? Just wait for the author to elaborate more.

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this bloc abov it stops chekbox not to change to uncheked.


this bloc shows buton whiCch is for re set.

as abov i wants a pasword or something to be asked befor reset. i does not want anyone else to reset it. and pasword also not always same. diferent eaech time. ty

i am unable to understand your query…
you must have to review your own question and check whats wrong…

Are you asking why you can’t set it to uncheck?
If yes-
When you click the button, you changed checkbox1.checked to true. But also, you set the block " when checkbox1.changed, set checkbox Enabled to false"
So whenever the button is clicked, the check won’t enable.

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here is corrected note with help from an online friend. ty for your patience. hope this helps. sorry for all the trouble.
The second png of button1 above is of reset button. by clicking it, the checkbox which was set not to be unchecked (per png1) can now be unchecked. fine till here.
but i want the reset button to ask for a password before it can reset. (to avoid unauthorized reset). i am open to suggestions. perhaps, i could store 10 passwords within the app that must be used one after the other on 10 ocassions one at a time. eg. first time 1234, then 3894, then 4323 etc. each is used once only. any other method would also due that woudl serve same purpose. give bloc plese as im a new guy, if im not able to understand or do. thank you.

this is releted queston.
in htis bloc, i want diferent. like this…
when buton1 click, do set any (or all) checkbox.checked to true.
when buton1 click, do set any (or all) checkbox.enabld to true.
ths is becos i have mnay checkboxs.

ty in advnce.

Do you want something like this?
test.aia (2.3 KB)

iam lost. :frowning:
i read this.

aia file is a zip file in which all your app codes and assets are stored. You can share your whole project as aia. If you have created a new project then u can export it as aia and it can be imported on any account or other platforms. Aia file size is less as compared to apk.

but i doez not kno how to use this aia file. ples point to a resorse so i can red and used it.

Please, can you just make a search first?

Found this in less than 10 seconds

checkbox99.aia (2.1 KB)

ty, watermelonice
create new project, and then undr project/project (.aia) from my computer. now download to your phone and open as usual. it wil be a workng app.

devansh ty for your eforts. near but not what i wants. above are a checkboxes . you can onli check them once eachh. you canot uncheck thems. to uncheck all at one timee itself, enter you password in text below and pres reset buton. all checkbox ill become unchecked. in this example only first and second checkbox is geting reset. pleas note. i will have 50 checkbox or more. so need easy code to do alll at one go.

i tuk your idea and so im sending aia file.

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