How not to give points for second time

I am now building a game in kodular. It has many levels.When someone clicks a button on a level he gets 10 point and i did it successfully , But when he attempts it for second time or when he click that same button for second time , he shouldnt get the point . Please tell me how not to give the point twice.

Disable the button or create a variable to be clicked on the first time that variable receives any value (1 or true or “already clicked”). Then do a If variable = 1 …Or If variable=" …

Initialize variable = 0

At the button’s onclick event

If variable = 0
give points
variable receives the value 1

Thats all


Thank you so much

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try it like this -


Thank you so much…It helped me

your welcome!

Hai…Thanks for your help…But I think I need your help once more…I am now in a trouble…I am now trying to make a screen which we can click on a button and then the image changes…Can you help me please……

try this -

i have not added a back if you need it tell me

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You need to study a lot of programming logic. For this simple algorithm, the solution is very simple. Getting ready blocks is not a good idea for learning. The basic Algorithm I went through solved without this number of blocks above. Study instead of asking to see your aia.

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