How to click two times on one button for new event

how to use logic for button click
I have one button and i wnt to 1st time click on button show something and second time click on button show something

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You can use a math variable for that, when a button is clicked add 1 to the variable and you can use if then else block to code that when variable value = 1 or 2 then put whatever you want


You can do it by changing button text, by using tiny db, by using global variable…

use your logic…


I think you want something like double back press to exit.
You should search about this in community.

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This is basic Programming Logic. You need something (called a variable) to differentiate the first click from the second click. Realize that this can only be done through numbers. Therefore, you will have to create a variable that is numeric because you will have to receive the values ​​0, 1 and 2. Maybe the first problem solved if you do not need to save the variable in a database. Now you must define when the variable will change its value. Note that the variable will receive an increase of 1 unit. You also need to define what will happen to the variable after the second click. First click - variable receives the value 1 Second click - the variable receives value 2 And from the third click?


you can do it like this
blocks (9)

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This is the same what I said, you have just showed it in blocks

i know that :laughing:

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Yes, but since you have just provided what I said that’s why I told you

Use blocks with if statement.
On click:
If Var=1 then do x
If Var=2 the Var=0 do y

I used this code thanks to Ken for this code and all of u also for try

Why is his post marked as solution?

I said the same thing

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