Points system with one tap and continuous points will add

How can I make one tap and add continuous points ( points system)

Tap on … :question:


Tap on any button

Something like this ?


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Like this
When clicked on start button it will be start counting

You have to use a clock component, set time interval, set Timer always fire to true and when start is clicked set clock to true, set global click to get global click + 1 and when button stop is clicked set timer to false, set timer always fire to false

As @dora_paz described it, it’s a simple task.

Read the Kodular documentation.

And follow a line of reasoning:
1- What do I need?
.button ?
.counter ?
.text box ?
.component that counts time ?

2- How do I do a task after something happens? … and so it goes on learning…


Hi, @dora_paz From where did you got this [When any Button.Click] block.
I never seen that… Can you please let me know about it…


Can also be found in Any component section



Thanks, I always use a click sound for every button, and for every button click block I use [Sound1.play] block… Thanks Again,… From Now I can use it only once…
One question… Can I exclude some buttons like I have 50 buttons and I want to trigger a event for all 45 buttons but not trigger for 5 buttons, Is this useful somehow in that case…

Yes, create a list with the buttons that you want to use or want to exclude depending the number of buttons you have. Here for example is easier to create a list of 5 buttons. Then when any button click if get component not in list then do…else …

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thanks, @dora_paz It helped for me… Thanks for being such an active and helpful member of our community. :slightly_smiling_face:
With respect
from TechnicalZone

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