Responsive Overlap

Please help me in responsive overlap…

need to stick

like this… for different mobile screens


This is the best solution to responsive any component.

LOL :joy: Seriously :joy: he asking about overlap extension or some guides .

Also broo @techbrainz001 explain briefly so we can help you

ah… i need fixed overlap for all types of mobile screen …can you help…i tried overlap, profile view…but no use

and i tried this one tooo …
in this everything is fine…but circle picture are going to save in our mobile…with asking permission

I did, some time ago ( UI is not good ),but I don’t know if it’s responsive.
Sorry , i don’t use Any Extension.
I used Animation Utilities.

please show me the blocks

Sorry, I got confused. Extension was to round the corners For overlap, Animation Utilities.

I tried this one … everything is fine…but the circle image is saving in my device…is there any way to without saving the image in my device

I removed your post in the guides topic. Stay in this topic.

How you create this.overlap the icon in the middle

For overlap, Animation Utilities.
It is CardView.

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Position will be?

Negative Value.
CardView are in HA.
And I make it move vertically with a negative value. But, I haven’t tested it on all cell phones. Another thing, I couldn’t avoid it with an area that is “dead”, without access. It has an extension that may avoid this problem. But I haven’t tested it yet.

That’s the problem: