REST API server on android phone

Hello guys,

I have a small app that connects to the REST API backend server where it gets data such as phone number and text and then sends SMS messages. It works like a charm. On the other hand, I developed the same thing on the Raspberry Pi3 with a GSM/GPRS modem but as a stand-alone SMS gateway that has its own rest API server integrated.

I know there can be all kinds of servers on Android as it is based on Linux, so the most obvious question is why there is no extension for a simple REST API server with JSON and JWT? Anyone here that would bite into that and develop it?

Best regards, Alex

most probably you can easily do it with the web component… no extension required…

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Perhaps but would prefer some nice extension where I can do it more easy :slight_smile: I am at those ages where we like to keep it simple :slight_smile:


I moved your thread into the #marketplace request category

You might want to tell us how much you like to pay for that extension, so someone who is interested can contact you…



It looks I got someone to develop that extension.

Closing up that topic.

best regards, Alex

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