Restricting sharing of app with IMEI

Hi Guys!
I was wondering if it’s actually possible to us the IMEI no. to restrict sharing of app? if possible, i would love to see a sample block. Thanks.

What do you actually mean?

I mean using the IMEI number to restrict sharing of app?


Your question still remains unclear to me…

I mean designing an app for just a particular phone using that phone’s IMEI number, which no other phone in the world can have.

Every device has a different IMEI. If get IMEI = ********** then, open another screen.

Am I got you right?

yeah you got me very right. So do you have a block representation to show me?

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Wait for a while…

Alright thanks


This is what you can do…
You can call data from Firebase or Airtable…

Thanks. But i noticed that IMEI numbers are always 2, and i thinks the last 3 numbers are always different b/w those 2 numbers, can i just pick any one?

One is enough! :slightly_smiling_face:

hmmmmm, that’s amazing so it means we actually have 2 IMEI numbers for our phones. Thanks for bringing that to my notice.

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Sorry for my much disturbance:pray: can i get a full working example? am still having issues

Yes, you can! Please wait a while to make me an aia for you.

imei.aia (1.7 KB)

Here is the aia. Set Your device IMEI to check the app.

Thanks, i really appreciate:wink:

It’s just shows me screen1 that’s all

Import the project and check by setting up your IMEI… You can add Screen2, without any block…