Retrieve data from Json

Hello guys, im trying to retrieve the next data from a json

what i need is to get “motores” or “asientos” in the txtBox after picking the selection of the ID

Welcome. What does your api return?
Is your pjson procedure working?
Is the Key lookup pairs getting the values?

Thank you!! My api return this:

And yes de pJson and the look up are working, here it is my .aia

KUN_Aviones.aia (34.3 KB)

And this is the screen that im working on;


What I’m trying to do is retrieve the “motores” or “asiento” and put them on the text box after picking the ID of the plane, see them before making a change.

Place in the textbox1.text the value of the lookup pairs Key block taking the value of the key assientos and do the same for textbox2.text using the value of the key motores

Change parameter “Key” to
assientos and motores


and put it where you want: textbox1, textbox2, label1, label8 …

Thank you for your help, Well I try it and it works now I can see them, but it brings me all the values of each ID and put them on the text box

Friend, have you read the API documentation? There you will find how to do this search by id.

Get the id in the blocks fo Kodular, put it in a variable and for the API (according to the documentation)