Retrieve phone number and text from mysql database to list view and send text message to each number

Please help me. i am using mysql extension . i have a table with three column 1. id 2. phone 3.text. phone contains all mobile number and text contains the text message. now i need to retrieve all the mobile number and text messages in a list view to send text message by each number and text with the list. help me this. thanks

Web Component:

Use event.
Use web Json Decode Text block.
Use Dictionary
Use lookup pairs Key
Use listview Elements

Search in comunnity there are many examples :+1:


I hope this guide will be helpful one to you

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thanks for the reply . could you please give me some tutorial by giving some block screenshot ?

There are many examples here.:+1:
Use the community search tool.:+1:
The answer he posted, has an example (but needs fixing).:+1: