Retrieved Data from Airtable and Store it in Tiny DB using dynamic cardview and label & image

Please help me , Ican’t store data in my app using airtable and tiny DB ، just where put tiny db blocks

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Welcome to the community. What exactly do you want to store to tinyDB ?


thank you , I want to store data that come from airtable to TinyBB , and View data from airtable during internet disconnect

Are you going to edit, update, delete data from app ? Cause otherwise it whould be easier to make a csv file for all info, add it to assets and read data from there.

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Unfortunately yes, the information must be constantly updated, I want the user to be able to access the data that was present while he was connected to the Internet, and when the Internet is disconnect, he can access the information that was previously seen or even when he exits the application, relying on Airtable data, please help me because I cant Find any way in the kodular community or even on YouTube

When connected to the Internet, the following data appears, but when there is no Internet connection, the information does not appear inside DynamicCardView

You would use network component to check whether your are online and then call data from airtable otherwise call data from tinydb or use a notifier to inform user that network needed if it is first run (because on first run tinydb is empty).


Can you give blocks ? :persevere:

You should try it first on your own and if code doesn’t work as expected we are here to help :slight_smile:

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I tried and the app is not responding :sob:

Your blocks are wrong, give me some time to provide you an example

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Thank you for your help and your patience :yellow_heart:

try something like this,


If user connected with net, app will procedd to the next step if not it will alert them

I tried but my problem with Tiny DB

Thank You @dora_paz ، the app works great