Retrieving data from airtable to tinydb?

Store in the tiny db the values variable

Can you tell me what is the error??

not getting the value even online mode

First you need to change this:

Second, have you set the airtable info like the base id , table name ,etc.Also have you added the Value column to your airtable.And lastly.You need to set a label to the values as well so you can now it’s working :wink:

i did all of this for sure and i was getting the value correctly from airtable , but as i told you my problem is in offline mode is not getting so tiny db should have a stored value and until now its not working and it stop retrieving even online :

Can you show me your final blocks?

Get_Data.aia (2.4 KB)

Here is the edited one:
Get_Data (2).aia (2.4 KB)

Not getting the value online !

That means that you’ve entered wrong airtable info.The expected was to get the data in the label?Didn’t you get it?Can you show me your airtable data??

no, there are no problem with this info cuz it was working fine airtable data and info are correct !Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 12.37.24 AM

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So it just doesn’t return thing in the label??

no ! before it was retrieving only in online mode now nothing

Can you try again this:
Get_Data (3).aia (2.5 KB)
If that isn’t working so the problem is from the database info

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I’ve tested it’s working with me.500 is always retruned as expected :wink:

in offline mode ?? i will try now

Here is a recording:


Yes i packed it to apk and its working now , thanks for taking time dear

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You’re welcome

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