Retrieving data from airtable to tinydb?

Hello Koderz
I have an App that retrieve data from Airtable , type of data is a text and digits !
when mobile is offline app cannot retrieve obviously from airtable , are there any idea how when retrieving the app can store this values in tiny db , and later update btn can retrieve again new value ???

If i’ve understood you correctly, then
Yes you can.Just make something like that:
Screen initialization:
if network. is connected{
load value from airtable
} else {
load data from tiny db

When you get value from airtable:
Store value you get to tiny db

And when update button click{
get value from airtable as well

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i will try this should i use network component? can you provide some blocks?

Yes you should

You can try your self first.And if you got any error.Feel free to ask about it here :wink:

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Thank you ya batal i will try !

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Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 11.47.13 PM

Just add the store value block to the got column block.In the else condition in the if-then-else statement you will get data from tiny db

didn’t get the second part, block it please !

You will just set a variable to : get value from tiny db.For example set variable test to get value tag = value valueiftagnothere = “”

i dunno what i did now i just started being sleepy hahahah see that and fix it no more concentration

Well.You will need to do like this:
instead of setting your variable to tinydb1 set it to this block:Tiny DB - Kodular Docs

i tied all option but it gave me error !

Can you tell me what?And show your blocks as well.And , has your replaced your tinyDB1 block with this block:

yes i did it gave an error that i should use procedure

1- (Screen initialization event) You need to call this procedure before setting your label1.text.
2- (GotColumn event )Also store to tiny db the values variable and not the label1.text

sorry the call procedure is before set label text 1

but still not working !

Store in the tiny db the values variable

Can you tell me what is the error??