Return A1_Notation from google sheets

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I have this blocks:

and this script:

where i need to type in the box "select A where D matches ‘…’ " to retrieve the word in A if you search a word in D.
I want to simplify it a bit to just search a word and it needs to retrieve the A1Notation for eg if i search a word that sits in B4 it needs to retrieve B4.

Different account but same query? How is this possible? :thinking:

By the way, instead of using script code just follow the suggestion given in that post by me. Very simple and effective

Perhaps the easiest method would be to add a column to your data that returns the A1 notation of the cell. You use the ADDRESS() formula for this e.g:


You could also use an array formula to do this:


Use your query (which you enter in your textbox) to return this column.

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