Return to an already opened screen

I need Kodular to open a screen that is already in memory and not a new instance of the screen as it does today.

This saves a lot of work maintaining the data that the user has filled in the forms for example

Similar to what Java’s Singleton feature has for the Android SDK.

You can use close screen block here. Or close screen with resuk6

Thank you!

But I don’t want to manipulate values between screens.
I just want them to be shown the way I left them, with the data filled in.
Similar to what happens when we touch the back button.
Interestingly, it goes back to the previous screen with the data all there.

You can use virtual screens(i.e. arrangements) and toggle their visibility under any event(button click, back button press, etc)


I understand.

But in larger applications, I’m concerned with the complexity of keeping so many blocks and elements on the same screen.

Another thing that I am afraid of, is about the use of memory, because I will load the entire application on a single screen, even though for most tasks I use only 5% of what is there.

What makes me curious is knowing that the screen is in memory, but I can’t go back to it when I want to.

However, if I press the Back button it happens naturally on Android.