Revenue dropped to 0 usd

My revenue suddely dropped to 0.I used to earn aroud 10 usd daily.No ad display on my 1app is not getting single impression and i have not got any email from google.what is the reason? What should i have to do.

Seems like you failed the verification or something, can you share the email you got?

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I havent got any email from google.
Im getting revenue since last year on this app.
From dec20 suddenly my app isnt showing any ads.

For that I recommend you to contact Google,
Ps. For mine also it does not show.

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whats ur app content

admob has been launched a new privacy policy for the users, if ur app has content like insurance app, gas/electricity app etc. then the ads will show

Your ads are not showing because you are showing too much ads to your users and only serve upto 5 ads to users for the best revenue and also implement reward video so you can earn more .i hope you will do something next time because my ads was first stop showing because of my match rate and then they disabled my ad unit ids of the app. This is what happened to me.

Its educational app


show me some interface

Can you show proof of that?

there are some youtubers say in his videos

No @Peter it is just a rumor that youtubers spread to get views on videos.
My friend has just started and he was testing ads with blank app nothing than ads and the ads was showing without any problems and filling every request was filled with ads

no after sometime like after 3-4 days its stops

No its not stopped yet he implemented the banner and interstitial correctly he only shows 3 impressions to a user and lets the banner ads loads itself google optimised.

EDIT :- He only shows the 3 intrerstitial per session

how many days before he make app

Nearly a month and the app was just a simple flashlight app developed with thunkable
My ads are also showing.
But my old account was not so i canceled it and made a new one.
Always implement a ad stop in your app so you can stop the ads when ever you want.

flashlight app have content like flash :camera_flash:

Yes but Added flashlight later before that he just did self click in his app

thats the point, self ur app have content and after they anything add in it like earning system and many more