Revenue StartApp

I had yesterday put StartApp ads in my app
Till now I’ve got 30 impressions and 20 clicks (not published yet)
But my revenue is 0
Please tell me when my revenue will be at least 0.01$ I mean to say tell me the no of impressions or clicks I need to start my revenue

You are not really patient it seems. And who clicked if your app wasn’t published. If you click yourself you could get into trouble very easily.


Here some of my friends hae more than 5k+ download and even then they dosen’t have a fair revenue. And you just started yesterday. How can you expect that you will get revenue this fast.

And yes

I’m just asking a question
It doesn’t matter why…
You can’t just judge me like I’m impatient
Ok I understand that I shouldn’t click my ads but that was only for testing
My app is still under development…
Therefore I’m asking the no of impressions so that I can put ads according to that…
So please tell me whatever I’ve asked

And also I’ve focused on the quality of my app

So you can ask that in the respective community if any.
And don’t put so many ads that users will be frustrated and leave you app.
First try to make a good audience then automatically you will generate a good revenue.

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You did 20 clicks in your own app? Sorry but you are asking for a banning, my friend.
Even too many impressions without clicking can get your account suspended or terminated. Clicking is even more delicate.