Reverse list view

Hello Koders i want to ask you if i can revers a listview.
Now all items that go in listview will go in bottom on list but i want to go first instead of last. Please help me.
Here is my blocks.

You can find the block called reverse the list in list block.

and where can i apply this?

There is no blocks showing where r you adding the values to listview

So i want for every new items that added in list to go top.

Just add the block reverse the list in list view elements and check up

Set list view element to reverser the list call tinydb…

like this?

Yes, but I feel your tinydb data structure is not good. I hope the list must come from under specific tag but you designed tagllist as the list. Anyway if it works for you , it is great.

i just added but the problem is when new data added in list the new data will go on bottom again

You have used set list view elements in two places… try to fix at one place and try…

Also you didn’t show the full blocks

Added in 1 place but same . Can u use skype? if can add me please.

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Try to use reverse list when you save tinydb data in update procedure and see if it works for you

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same problem

If you wish post your aia here, it would be easier for someone to check your code

Sorry, no power supply here. Just try the method as suggested by Dora

But keep in mind, if you add any item to the list, you need to refresh the process or set list view elements to clear list then only you will get updated result.

There we go

Logingoogle (1).aia (380.0 KB)
Here is aia can u check whats wrong. thx

SO here is aia can someone help?