Review process is taking too long

I sent my app for review and it has been 3 weeks yet no response.

Please do something to speedup the process.

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I guess you need to read this. This is not Kodulars fault but the users fault. What kind of app have you made?


Same for me!
It’s been 2 weeks and still not got reviewed… :expressionless:
My app is a simple qr code scanner and generator @Peter

There should be automated review then a manual review.
Automated review handles trademark violation, webviewer apps etc
(If possible, fake apps and earning apps too)
Then manual process can handle the rest.
(+ very important point I don’t want to wait for weeks and weeks to get rejected for some mistake too so it would be great if they mention the point we are violating.)

I actually understand the problems developers face but still you don’t want to spend months on app then spend months on review process.

Even Google uses real people to review apps, so we have to do it ourselves too because a lot of users that send in an app for review lie. They try to deceive the review process by presenting false information. So again, since a lot of users can not be trusted it takes a lot of time.

If you can make such an automated review system that is 100% reliable, be my guest and present it to the devs.


could kodular fix some money to use ads components like niotron? i mean when users give so much time for build apps and finally they get to know their app will not going to monetize then users pay some money for ads components to freely use like niotron @Peter