Rewarded video problem after download the apk (VIDEO)

Hey guys!

First off all i’m new in the kodular… I was searching before post but i didnt got answer to my question cause i started a new one.

So my question is: i made an app with rewarded video and when i’m connected with kodular the rewarded video works perfectly in test but when i render my apk and install on my phone the test AD’s has been show correctly on my device but the prize isnt come…

Have a nice day guys

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We want complete stuff to solve the problem… Just like blocks etc…

Which prize are you talking about

Everything goes well when i’m testing after i download and try with the test ads the video showen but i dont get my prize

Is the Test ADs for the rewarded video works when you download the apk? Or i have to change with my own AD?

Try to watch an ad, and after you did, open another ad but close it. Tell us the result.

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Nothing … :s there is no error code and and the clock1 isnt start to run.
I have to say that its still work prefect while i’m connected with kodular companion
But when i export into apk and try out on my phone nothing happend

did you turn off test mode?

No… I tried in test mode but still not working :frowning:
The test AD work and the video goes down but after nothing happend

I still stuck in this problem…
When i connected with Companion my rewarded video ad works great but when i export into apk and install on my phone the ads works i can see the short video but after nothing happend when i close the video…

This is when i test with Companion works great

After download and installed on my phone

Tested on 3 different device and problem the same

Help me pls

Stop spamming the community with the same video.