Rewarded video!

How do I insert rewarded video, I know I need to insert it in the blocks, but I want to know how it works, I want to put it in a specific tab of the app, there the person will have information per day, that is, the intention is for them to see it once per day only the award-winning video, is this possible? Is there any way to do it, so that the tab is unlocked only after watching the rewarded video?
Do I use normal app, or is the rewarded video just for games?

Yes, it is.

Of course!

Nope! Rewarded videos are intended to be used in a situation where users get rewards for watching adverts. The ad format is not limited to use only on games. Few things you need to keep in mind :

  1. You must have to reward the user after watching that ad. For example, give them special permission to access a specific section of the app. Or, you can reward them virtual coins too!

  2. In case you’re rewarding them coins, there should be at least one function to spend them, with in the app, virtually. Rewards can never be converted into cash.

  3. Rewarded video ad must be shown only with user consent. That means, you can’t show an rewarded ad until a user wanted to watch it with his intension.

As long as you follow these simple rules, you’re good to go with any of your application, regardless of its category.

Hope I am able to clarify at least a few of your doubts.

Hello, yes, it clarified some, I want to make a specific tab available for those who watch the rewarded video, but I don’t know how to do that with blocks. And this user permission would be informing that if he watches he will be able to see the content?

Hi! Here is an example to prompt for the user consent.

This consent I must implement or is it specific to Ad manager and admob

Not really! A hint to know user that an ad will be shown after clicking a specific button is enough.

See another example:

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