Rewards for Users - Just Joking

Hello Everyone,
If Kodular Developers can award their most active users then it will be very good because by this user use kodular as 1st option.
and is there any to check the time spend on

Only if what we asked for, was given to us. You know, if we were rewarded, I’d be rewarded… And I don’t need to be rewarded for also “being the most active on the Community”. I can tell you this. I’ve probably spent more than 14 hours on the Creator. I don’t think it times you though, that’d be weird. And it’d probably cause lots of lag every second. So to put this to rest, in my opinion… This shouldn’t be done.

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14 Hours daily :slight_smile: You guys need some social activity :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:


i was only joking bro
i think you taked , this is in other way

Should’ve made that more apparent if it was a joke. For example, adding a :joy: or a :warning: so I don’t respond with an unsarcastic response. Get the hint?

in remainig time i do bro :slight_smile: