Rocket Browser - "Rocket Your Pocket" | New 1.1.4 update

Rocket Browser - “Rocket Your Pocket”


Rocket Browser is a smart and simple browser which provides you latest browsing experience with all the latest features.

Rocket Browser has a very special scheme through which you can earn cashbacks. What you have to is just browse, the more you browse the more you earn scratch card which will have to scratch and get your cashback.

Rocket is very light wait it is only 10 MB and is super secure and all your data is encrypted and stored on Rocket Browser server and different security patches are applied to keep the data secure.

So, what are you waiting for Rocket Your Pocket.


As already said with Rocket Browser you can earn scratch card through which you can earn cashback. So, this all paragraph is to explain you how can you earn cashback.

What you guys have to is to use the browser on a daily basis the app itself set timer of some minute or hour you will have to use the browser till the timer is finished once the timer is finished you will get a notification by the app that your scratch is ready. Then you will have to click cashback button in menu option. On clicking it you will be prompt to Cashback screen there if your timer is finished you will see a scratch card in the middle of the screen, scratch it to see that whether you have earned any cashback or not. Remember that you will surely earn some amount of cashback. Later you can transfer it to your Bank Account or Paytm Wallet instantly.

We hope you have understood so, what are you waiting for go install the app and “Rocket Your Pocket”


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