Roles and permissions

Hello, I am creating an application that is divided into departments and
I want to know if I can implement that each user has access only to their department or how can I log in so that depending on their user they are sent directly to their department screen.

Usually you have a server database and after login you get back the departament of the current user… now you can query the database to get only the relevant information…


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The solution I found was to create a login and use the firebase auth extension, use an if to create the condition that if the id is the same as one of the emails I registered with firebase, I’ll be taken to a different screen .
I mention it in case it helps someone.

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So you suggest that every time you have a new user you should update the app and reinstall those who already have it? It seems to me an impractical solution.

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the ranges and accesses must be done in the firebase rules, it is not only flexible and scalable, it also increases security

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this is in the case where the users are already defined.