Rooted device and Firebase Database, Authentication

Hello guys,
In my latest project I used the Firebase Authentication and Firebase Database components. I am using Database to store user information like Onesignal Player ID(Used to send personalized notifications), Name and Email(To contact users).
All information is saved properly as it should on a non-rooted device but today when I was going through the database, I found that under a User data, the name and email address was not saved, only Onesignal ID was saved. So I discovered whats wrong with it and in the Onesignal Dashboard I found that the user’s device is rooted.
Why this error occured?
If it was an error with the Firebase Authentication then how that user can get authenticated with proper details (I could see the Email ID in Authentication window of Firebase).
If it was an error with the Firebase Database then how the Onesignal ID could be stored?
Below are the screenshots of my Database and Blocks of the data storing action.

The last data set is the data of that user.