Rotate video extension

##guys how can i rotate a video at any angle i want like put the video in 180 degrees without changing the screen orientation just rotate the video

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May be there is a video player extension with the choice to rotate the video. I don’t remember this option but if it exists you can easily find out

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I’ve already tested I think all video extensions plyr1, exoplay, videolayout, videoplayer, and kodular video player none of them have this option

Perhaps you can offer to pay someone to create it for you.

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I think it answer your question then.
May be you can try a workaround. Use a videoplayer inside a webivew and rotate the player using html tags. I can’t say how to do this with html or html5 or even if this would work with Kodular webview, but I think it is not hard to do using html5 so it may be worth the effort.

I don’t know if it’s possible but you can try something like this

no extensions needed. when the video is played, you change the screen orientation, and hide everything except the player. full player size

I’ve already done it, it doesn’t work because there’s no guidance on the android devices that will be used

it rotates the component but the video remains the same