ROUND function give different result

I am trying to use round function but its gives different results. For ex: Round of 54.5 gives 54, while 163.5 gives 164. also it happening with many numbers.

Show us what have you tried in screen shot

The Round function is mathematically correct. Let me explain the math behind it:

When you round a number if it’s fractional part is 0.5 the number is rounded to the nearest even integer.

For example:
Round 0.5 => 0
Round 1.5 => 2
Round 2.5 => 2
Round 3.5 => 4

Here the number 3.5 has 2 even integers near it, 2 & 4. Out of which 4 is the nearest therefore it is returned.

Compare these examples with your inputs and you would find the logic works the same.