Rounded Button's Horizontal Margins Gone in Android 9 Pie

Describe your issue

Rounded Buttons’ left and right margin/padding is gone since 3B update.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Just create an app with a button and change its shape to rounded.

Expected Behaviour

There should be margins around the text of the button.

Actual Behaviour

There are correct margins above and below text but not on the right and left side.

Show your Blocks

There are no blocks required for this

Android version

Not working in Android 9. Working properly in android 6

Attaching sample apk and aia.MyFirstApp.aia (1.2 KB)
MyFirstApp.apk (4.1 MB)

Hello @freelancer_mudit
Its good that you shared the aia and apk, but can you share some screenshot depicting your problem? Since many user (including me) come here in their free time, it’s quite hard to provide solution after checking your aia or apk for the problem, whereas screenshots containing your problem will help them to provide you with solution quickly



Sure, Thanks for the heads up.

See below, two buttons are there. The rounded button should have left and right margins like the default button.


Ok, whats the size of the text? And also have you set any value for both button’s height and width?

Just tried in a phone with lesser resolution (1280x720) and android version (6.0). It looked ok in the companion but after exporting apk again it is not showing margins.

Note: The text size is 32 here.

I have not done anything with the size and width. Just text size 32 and shape rounded.

That happens to me, too

Fixed in next release


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