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Guys, I’m creating a chat for my users to exchange their experiences regarding various types of allergies, a group of people who share their allergies and illnesses with other users.

However, we know that in every chat there are people who talk about other topics unrelated to the proposed topic. How can we ensure that the rules are respected, without using swear words and other insults? How to identify and block this user?

In this chat, the user only sends text. I didn’t set it to send images, emojis, gifs, etc.

Creating an addendum to this post, these words in Brazil are swear words. I created a warning variable.

Questions: in this code I had to use several “Contains text” components, is it possible to use just one for several words? The user can use the prohibited word in several ways, such as: “Car”, “car”, “CAR”, placing an accent on a word that does not exist, accidentally separating a word “Yel low”. How to make this distinction. Finally, how do you know what you did and how to block it?

You can create a list and use a FOR block and compare each item, before you could use Upcase for the text to review.


U can restrict The Use of Bad Words before Posting by Using Content moderation API’s

There are tons on:

I know it’s a lot to ask but does anyone have a free API for this?

most of them are basically free. All they have is a monthly limit. and u are right its too much to ask for. you can get limited resources for free

try this:

Thanks friend and you’re right, we have to value developers and it’s fair that they pay to use it.

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