Run java code to hide Volume System Bar with Activity

Hi all,

what I´m looking for is a way to hide or make totally transparent the Volume System Bar, so when vol. up is press, the bar will not show on screen.

For what I´ve asked ChatGPT, it gives me this answer which I have tried without success:

  • It says create a .java file with a specific code and save in assets of the app. Example “”

  • Use Activity Starter. Configure “Package” with app package name, and “Class” with package name + name of the java file (example: “com.myapp.test.HideSystemUIActivity”)

With this method when I open the app it says: “Error 601: no corresponding activity was found”.

Then I tried executing the javascript with the WebView Javascript evaluate block. Not working neither.

Any other ideas if it´s possible, or there is no way in Kodular for that?


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My guess is, the answer from ChatGPT can only be as good as the question…

Let us know, how to do it in Android… you might want to search
So probably then someone can tell you how to do it in Kodular


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