Running the counter in the background

look in clock component

1st or last in this
Is that where it says 1000?

1? 2? Like this This picture would be better

sorry i’m new to codes io so i don’t know most things

half a way sample blocks added here

Extension link

Tinytimer?I found the plugin

The counter does not advance when I put the application in the background

i said, use tinydb… follow the above suggestions, friend…

My friend, I want the counter to work in the background, if the application is in the background and the counter must count down. My English is bad. I can’t explain myself.

then try this , make into apk and test it…


I will test and write

sorry again thatSorry it didn’t happen again :disappointed_relieved:

Show your blocks

2. Blocks when photo screen is ready

Here i made a sample for you. it should work the way you like. test it and implement on your app :slight_smile:

i hope it helps.

LimitClock.aia (4.8 KB)

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Thank you I will test and try

Thank you so much it finally worked

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it should work even if the app was closed.
if you want it to work after the app gets uninstalled than use online database instead of tinyDB :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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ok thank you

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BTW, what is the problem with this video

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