[Free] Tinytimer app (May be unhackable, but not sure) & Tinytimer Extension V2(Updated)

Hello Friends… Today i would like to share with you my little extension (no.3) along with this Timer app. You can relate any database like tinydb, firebase, gsheet , may be a whole or for particular person etc…

Extension: & Timer app AIA (based on IST milli only)
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Blocks (Naming Extension updated in aix but not in screenshots )

(Custome time zone eg. UTC, IST, …etc)



input value must be a date format like this


This block will convert both the milli into timer value as remaining Days, Hours, Minutes and seconds.( but not like other extension. It will show only the digit which is non zero)(Plenty of similar extension are avialable so didnt add in #extensions category

Come to aia side

:white_check_mark: This will check whether fresh run or running from residual

:white_check_mark: Executes this procedure whenever neccesary

:white_check_mark: After getting txt from web (MAIN PART)

:white_check_mark: Other important procedures

To start this timer Only at the initial time only web parts needs reamining calculation block will carry on…

I have tested in my Lower end mobiles and works well. I didnt tested in Android Version 10 & above. If it is strucks please be posted.

**In This way This tinyExtension differ from others**

Other extension will return , 0d 0m 0h 23s like and we will use split the text but this will reduce that burdon.

I feel this aia and extension would be helpful for the new bees a lot…

[P.S - in this AIA I have used 6000 millis , I mean only 6s as final milli, you need to change that value only depending upon your timer length.]

Thank you

Update: Today evening going to update the both so you will feel limited blocks and still more easy to understand


Good job @Still-learning
Keep taking steps ahead into java :walking_woman:


V2 added with Ontick ,Onfinish block, CancelTimer, GetCountdownValue and Start Timer have been added


extension link :


(refer bottom of the post, sorry)

Countdown_GSR_V2.aia (105.3 KB)

see the below screenshots:

If timer over or no timer set mean screen will be green in colour. Once timer started you cannot click that Start button.

(So for from my side, I find no bugs. May be I am unnoticed. If you find please let me know, I will try to correct)

UPDATE: Version3 added…

:writing_hand: Fixed abnormal size of the extension…

TinyTimerV3.aix (10.7 KB)



first label is obtained through the extension.
The second label is obtained by clicking on a button. I would like to know if it is possible to get just the number, without the letters. To subtract the value and check how much time the person spent on a certain task.

Just use replace block try like this

Thanks, I did as you showed and it’s working.

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need tiny timer v2 ext

Not here in v3

it was moved to utc extension i hope so

thank you very much

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