Help me countdown timer in background

someone please help me to solve countdown time which can run when user exit app and when user set time manually on his device then countdown time will not change… I WILL PAY IF IT WORKS thanks

Is this like you want?

Timer limit I set was 50s. Pls test it. With internet and without too

TestingTimer.apk (5.5 MB)

right, but I want all users to have the same countdown time, which is set by admin

Then use this method in admin page. Save the end time in every users database. (If firebase mean it would be better) then in firebase data changed block just get the timer value and show it in the every user page. Even user changes the data and time it won’t affect. So simple.

i will pay you, with aia and time zone in my country. can you help me, private info removed by Mod, i will pay any amount

I changed your topic to #marketplace since you are willing to pay for your request. Developers can pm you for details or you could mention how much you are willing to pay

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someone who can help me asap. I will pay 4.87 USD or more

can you make it?, and i will pay it for you…as soon as possible

Hi I saw your problem and if you dont mind i Can help you