Runtime Error Accutered with ListView >> IndexL 1, Size: 0

I Have been stock here for 3 days! I could not find the mistake…Searched for community help but not helpful.

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If you use admob components remove it and then try

@Hadi_Editz Does admob component effect ListView?

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If you load add on screen initialization then may b i also faseing same problem but when i removed ads now its working perfectly

thank you @Hadi_Editz, but it didn’t work for me!

Can you remove admob components

i removed and tried but nothing happen… same problem

Your list has no items, so it cannot get the first item of a list that has 0 items

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but i could not solve the issue… please help me…

This error has been located and fixed for 1.3B.1
We will release it as soon as possible


You’re team is truly a superhero.

you mean blocks i have made are fine isn’t it?

I haven’t checked them, but the error you shared was our fault


Actually I have already published this app to play store, I knew about this bug after publishing app. so how long does it take to solve this fault? when can i update this app?

As soon as we release 1.3B.1 you can update your app, so that issue will be gone

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Thank you very much @Diego. I thought it’s my fault. Kodular staffs are superman