Runtime error ? Activity is running

What i did wrong here ?
When i do simply
Back button.close application
Then no error appears it means error in this blick section kindly tell me how to fix it…

That’s very weird, I’ve never seen this before
Do you have a valid browser on your phone?

Also, try again after rebooting your device please

@BarreeeirooI am using google chrome on pc when I delete notifier and simply close application with back button then I don’t get any error it appears with notifier,
i use 2nd notifier for disclaimer text and there i dont use activity starter but still i get this error i dont know why

I’ve had this errorseveral times before!
It often happens to me when I go onto a screen, it closes with the “Close screen” block, then I try to open it again!

Hello Everyone, I also have this issue in my app. So I decided to do deep analysis about the reason. Sir, @Diego this runtime error is actually a bug in makeroid.
I have observed this :
When We have notifier component on multiple screens. Let say we have notifier on screen 1 & Screen 2 Then this error occurs. When we go to screen 2 and come back to screen 1 by closing screen 2 Then if any block related to notifier is triggered (Called) on screen 1 then run time error show up. If we remove notifier component on screen 2 then all will work fine.
Possible reason :
When we are closing screen 2 possibly the activity related to notifier component on screen 2 still keep running.
Please check the aia included . The error occcurs in after apk export. Note that I have not included any block related to notifier on screen 2 But still it is affecting the component on screen 1.
ErrorDemo.aia (3.0 KB)

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