Runtime Error "Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String java.lang.Throwable.toString()' on a null object reference"

Hello Everyone
Runtime Error “Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.lang.String java.lang.Throwable.toString()’ on a null object reference”
this error is showing in my app
what should i do to solve it

Please show your blocks as people need to know what you’re doing to help you out. To download a high-quality image of your blocks, right click the blocks you wish to download and select Download Blocks as Image.

hello I got this error on my android device
java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘boolean java.lang.String.equals(java.lang.Object)’ on a null object reference
at ha.a(chromium-TrichromeWebViewGoogle.aab-stable-573513031:79)
at org.chromium.android_webview.AwContentsBackgroundThreadClient.shouldInterceptRequestFromNative(chromium-TrichromeWebViewGoogle.aab-stable-573513031:15)