Runtime error in app

I am getting this error and because of this error,colour gradient is not working,slidebar items are invisible and not getting any data from airtable. Any solutions?

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Do you use latest companion?

Yes brother

I have never seen this error before.
Not sure if anyone else know more

I suspect it comes from an extension

@joelsaldanha701 are you using any extensions?

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yes sir,i am using dailogs extension,KIO4 gradient extension and taifun clipboard extension. I tried to solve this problem. But i failed.

same here brother. This is new type of error.

Add a apk here. Then we can see whats wrong

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I deleted gradient problem is not coming.but during live test,companion says gradient extension is missing.what to do?

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Try to know if there is an update for the extension maybe…

i removed extension.but still getting same error in companion.any solution?

just reload creator and see if error occurs

same error coming in companion as well as in installed apk

as Mika said :

can you share your apk or aia file maybe, for us to see ?