Runtime Error in Dynamic Components Extension

Hi everyone,

I am new to Dynamic Components
I started to explore by downloading Dynamic Components by @yusufcihan
and referred the guide on List View on Dynamic Components by @themaayur.
I tried to make an app which displays there Names and Numbers using Dynamic Components with the help of that guide.
I am facing an error as

Error Message

I understand that error that it is telling that I have repeated an id again in Dynamic Components but I have not repeated as you can see in my blocks below

I not able to understand what’s going wrong.

Please help me to resolve this.

Your blocks seems to be correct, try debugging your app by disabling all blocks and enable one by one.

Don’t use global Id + 1 in create block, use only global Id
And move the global id variable above the create block.

Thanks @themaayur for your suggestion,

I removed the second procedure and added them in the first procedure with another tag, it worked the error stopped but nevertheless I encountered with another error at the

when Screen4.Intialize
do for each item in list get Namelist
do call List
Name get item
Number2 empty

My Blocks

Any solutions to resolve.

If you don’t need the parameter, then remove it 🤷

No @themaayur I need the Parameter

I want something like this but without using for each item in list twice.

For better Understanding see this Image Below
This is my App I am trying to do, an Item shows name and their number both of them should be in one item.

I am also face same problem ( Runtime Error)

I really don’t know what’s wrong here… Please help

My block

This will work -
blocks (7)


can i get the .aia of the procedure

@ADDYLIN, Well it worked when I make a list in the blocks but when I get the values from firebase it repeats.

@Chirubot i am not getting you correctly,
can you elaborate more on your Problem.

the Blocks are Blurry, but from what i can see

you are placing for each number loop at the end of got value block, without any condition
so it is getting executed everytime when value is got

That’s why the Data is Repeating.

It’s because first I am getting all the values from Firebase, then storing them in the variables and then I am adding them in the list.

Help Me…

Way this error are coming… :point_down::point_down:

When i am scroling list viwe then this error showing… But app is work properly

This error occurs when I scroll the screen … but this error does not affect the app … the app is running well …

I don’t understand, if the app is working properly then why this error is coming …?

My blocks… :point_down::point_down:

Click Category
blocks (26) blocks (27)
blocks (28)
blocks (29)

when got value then storing value in variable…
blocks (30)

After call loop
blocks (31)

When i am scrolling the list viwe, then only this error comes, otherwise it dose not come…but app worked properly…

please help me…how can i fix it…?

I think this error occurred because you entered space in component ids Like Card Custom :point_left:

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@Unknown_Designer Thanks…

I will check… …

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I tried this but still the same error is coming…


Hello… All kodular Creators…

How can i fix this error…?

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