Runtime Error 'Intents cannot contain null' is showing

I cant understand that what it means and what should i do further to fix it. Please help.

there is something null in blocks of initialize , post you blocks here

In which block when screen initialize or whole block

i think problem is in initialize block, because this error is showing while loading, so post them only, lets see if anything is there

Its in two pictures bcoz of long block

Its here @ImranTariq

what are the settings of spotlight? have you set component of spot light?

Yes i have set two spotlight both are workings

and what about setting add item group to 1? for home item, its 0, set that to 1

I will do it and come back thanks for support @ImranTariq

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No, its showing the same error :worried:

can you send me aia in Pm, si i can check that?

because error is in some activity, and i didnt find any activity in initialize block.

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@themaayur problem is in this component, because you are using it on wrong screen maybe, its for screen1,

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i will try this thanks.

Please use this next time to show your blocks.
Right mouse-click:


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@ImranTariq thanks for you help the solution worked. We needed such helpfull people


@bodymindpower thanks i dont know we can download block as images.


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