Runtime Error invoke: no method named'ShowAd' in class java.lang.Boolean

My app was working great befre Koduler Eagle. But after Kodular Eagle update i am facing this Issue and i lost hundreds of my user from App in Playstore. I tried it with Ads and Without ads with both techniques but the still the same issu. I am still losing my users in Google App Store.Such a big Loss.

Kindly Help and Fix It.

Issue :

Runtime Error
invoke: no method named’ShowAd’ in class java.lang.Boolean

End Application.

This shows when i open my app.

Welcome to community, which ads you are implemented in your app? In screen initialize which block you are using?

My Facebook Apps was working before but now its shows some other error.
so i tried to remove all the Ads and their block from app and make it Ad Free app for some days.

After removing all ads blocks .etc…

Still it shows this Error.

Facebook ads had bugs in this release so wait for next update to release or use anyother ads

Can i use unity ads ? is it working?

Yes else all are working expect facebook

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Thanks Brother !

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Welcome, Team is working on that bugs to fix and i hope soon they will release next update with fixed Facebook ads.